Advocacy & Networking

Advocacy & Networking are the fundamental part of Gram Jyoti. To attain the goal of just society in Jharkhand & Bihar, this has remained elusive without good & accountable governance. Therefore to plug the gaps which have been created by weak governmental support, Gram Jyoti has been advocating for the people’s rights through various platforms and emphasizing good governance at grassroots level.

  • Water Sanitation Watch
    It’s a State level network of likeminded organizations working in Water Sanitation sector & accessibility of safe water, sustainable sanitation & good hygienic behavior to general public. The Secretary of the organization is the convener of this state level watch. Social audit and public hearing has resulted the ownership in the hands of the community.
  • Network of Organization for Rural Management & Sustainability (NORRMS)
    This the District level network of NGOs working for the sustainable Natural Resources Management.
  • Zila Swaikshik Sansthan Manch
    This is the district level NGOs forum where the current and local issues are discussed and finalized the strategy to solve them.
  • Viklangta Punarshwash Manch
    It is the network of seven NGOs who working for the rehabilitation to the person with Disabilities.
  • RRC-ASK, New Delhi
    The national level network which is guided by the ASK, New Delhi. Under the network of 16 NGOs of Bihar & Jharkhand working for their Organizational Development & Capacity Building on various developmental issues with their own resources.
  • Sukhar Virodhi Abhiyan
    It’s a state level networking of likeminded NGOs who advocate the issue of drought, NRM and food insecurity.
  • Jharkhand Sanitation Forum
    It’s a forum where the CSOs work on open defecation free society in Jharkhand.
  • Ekta Parishad Manch
    It’s a farmer based organization which works on the entitlement of rights of farmers.
  • Women Power Connect
    It works on issue of domestic violence and build leaderships qualities among the rural women.

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